Thingie Query

SQL IDE for Excel
THE supertool for the data analyst and Excel poweruser.


Mighty IDE

  1. Syntax highlighting
  2. Error highlighting
  3. Intelligent autocomplete
  4. Auto formatting
  5. Star expansion
  6. Function insights, tooltips, bracket matching and more

Built in database engine

A built-in SQLite engine that works with Excel tables as if they were database tables. Furthermore, it can call VBA functions and .NET functions from SQL, has built in indexing and a wealth of extra functions (regular expressions, math, excel specific...)

Connectivity to external databases

Connect to an external database while copying workbook tables to the destination database (as temp tables). This makes it easy to import/export data, and query workbook and db data together.

SQL Server, Postgres, MySql, Access, SQLite and ODBC engines.


Processes your queries before passing them on to the underlying database engine. Allows for using cell values as query parameters, and redirecting query results back into Excel tables and ranges.

Automation runtime

Build refreshable dashboard-style workbooks by embedding queries inside your workbooks and setting up triggers for executing them (button click, table/range change, timer...). Query results can immediately update workbook tables and ranges. Doesn't require VBA.


Exposes a VBA API for extra flexibility with regards to automation. The API can be called to execute embedded and ad-hoc queries. Query results can be processed by VBA subroutines provided as callbacks.

How do I start?

Step 1: Mark your data as a table

ThingieQuery works with excel tables. To turn a block of cells into a table, select any cell in the block and click Insert->Table. Adjust the borders and headers if needed, and click OK. Voila!

Step 2: Connect with ThingieQuery

Once the data you care about is in tables, you can connect to it by going to the ThingieQuery tab in the ribbon and clicking "Connect to workbook".

Step 3: Get querying!

Now that you are connected you can start writing SQL queries against your excel tables. And I mean all kinds of SQL, including update/insert/delete statements.

Next steps? Get a sense of what the plugin can do and how to use it by checking out...

The Guide

So who is it for?
ThingieQuery is a tool for people who spend time in Excel and are familiar with SQL. It's also useful for teaching and learning SQL as it's very visually direct and requires minimal setup and infrastructure.

What does it do?
It empowers the user by enabling them to use database operations inside Excel, without the need for importing/exporting. This makes all sorts of Excel chores easier, primarily querying, cleaning and manipulating workbook data. It also provides two-way integration with VBA, effectively letting you control Excel objects via SQL.

Aside from providing an IDE and a built in database engine, it also provides connectors to various types of external database engines, and an automation runtime designed for supporting refreshable dashboard style workbooks.

Why is this useful?
Primarily because SQL is an amazingly expressive language when it comes to querying and data manipulation, and having it easily available in Excel can considerably empower the SQL savvy user.

Furthermore, the two-way integration between SQL and VBA that ThingieQuery provides, allows for very elegant solutions to problems that involve both types of code (procedural and SQL) e.g. SQL query that calls into VBA to change row formatting, or to write to a file.

Try it out for free

There is no better way to see if it's the right tool for you than to download it and give it a try. There is a trial period lasting 30 days so you can try it out without any commitment.